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Salt Therapy NQ provides state of the art salt rooms for salt therapy. We have two salt rooms where you can enjoy the many health benefits associated with salt therapy. One room is for parents with children and the other is for adults. These rooms have been specifically designed for people suffering from respiratory and skin issues ranging from asthma to allergies to eczema. Athletes interested in increasing performance will also benefit from salt therapy

Dry salt aerosol therapy combines ancient knowledge and advanced science in order to help you heal, strengthen your immune system and improve general health and wellbeing. This therapy is 100% drug free and can be used safely in combination with your current medications and treatments to provide relief.

Some of the many health benefits you’ll receive from Salt Therapy include reduction of bronchial inflammation, removal of airborne pollen particles from airways, strengthening of the immune system which decreases allergic reaction to pollens, cleansing and sanitation of the airways, prevention and treatment of common colds and flu, improvement of dermatological disorders , reduction of snoring and a better sleep.

Allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate in this purified environment as you breathe in air enriched with microscopic salt particles.


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