How does it work?

Using a specially prepared room, combined with a state of the art, patented medical device, the atmosphere of the salt mines in Europe is reproduced along with all of the naturally occurring therapeutic properties.

The medical device grinds pure salt into super fine particles of between 1 – 5 microns. This process imparts a negative charge to the salt particles (negative ions) which are dispersed into the room in the form of a dry saline aerosol. Patients sit in the salt room breathing in the superfine, dry highly dispersed sodium chloride aerosol which reaches the entire respiratory tract; even the smallest bronchioles and alveoli.

The salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to reduce the inflammation and bacteria growth, breaks and shifts mucus so that the patient can cough it up and get it out of their system. The airways are cleared and cleansed. The treatment eliminates the root of all inflammatory respiratory illnesses by destroying bacteria and restoring health. With every session this process can happen on a deeper level to reduce the symptoms.

Patients with skin disorders receive the best results when the affected skin can be exposed to the microclimate of the Salt Room. The concentration of dry saline aerosol in the air has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Salt has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits and greatly assists in the reduction of skin oedema and irritation. In addition to this, Salt has been shown to have beneficial effects on blood circulation of the skin.

One session lasts for 1 hour and the number of sessions necessary to see long term benefits is dependent on the condition.  In most patients, after a course of Salt Therapy, the clinical condition improves and symptoms disappear or significantly ease.