Breathing Test

If you answer yes to any of the following, you should consider getting in touch with Breathing Space to improve your breathing.
  1. Do you breathe through your MOUTH?
    If yes, STOP, no need to go any further … contact me and consider a Buteyko Breathing course.
  2. Are you wheezing?
  3. Do you get breathless?
  4. Do you find yourself coughing?
  5. Do you experience excess mucus in your nose, throat or sinuses?
  6. Do you experience tightness in your chest?
  7. Do you find yourself yawning?
  8. Do you find yourself sighing?
  9. Do you snore?
  10. Do you clear your throat often?
  11. Do you have a blocked nose?
  12. Do you sniff often?
  13. Do you take a large breath before speaking?
  14. Do you experience a tickling in your throat?
  15. Do you experience irregular breathing?
  16. Do you experience sleep apnea? (Episodes of not breathing during sleep)
  17. Do you experience daytime apnea? (Episodes of not breathing during daytime)
  18. Do you experience poor concentration?
  19. Do you experience poor memory?
  20. Do you get numbness or tingling in your hands and feet?
  21. Do you get headaches?
  22. Do you experience high blood pressure?
  23. Do you experience anxiety?
  24. Do you get a dry mouth?
  25. Do you feel fatigued?
  26. Do you get muscle pain or cramps?
  27. Do you experience Insomnia?
  28. Do you experience wake tired?
  29. Do you experience symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
  30. Do your gums bleed?
  31. Do you experience panic attacks?