Bush Flower Essences

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are vibrational remedies, not essential oils. They capture the life force of the flower within water. They are essentially “flower energy in a bottle”. They do not contain any physical part of the flower.

If you were to do a chemical analysis on a flower essence, you would find water and the brandy used to preserve the remedy.

However, that little bottle of essence contains the vibration of the flower from which it was made, and is a potent source of healing energy.


Flower essences are a system of healing that anyone can benefit from.

These essences are tools for transformation, catalysts for change and are an inexpensive,  safe and natural method of healing as they work to gently restore the balance between the

mind and body.

Your personal blend – balance in a bottle!

There are 69 Australian Bush Flower Essences.

I use kinesiology to determine how many and which flower essences are appropriate/best for you.

I find these essences are very powerful in promoting healing in my clients. The Bush Flower Essences are very supportive, nurturing people in a gentle and safe space while they work through the emotions associated with their process.

Flower essence consultation   – $25

A consultation is approximately 15 minutes and includes a flower essence remedy.

We discuss your reason for visiting. Through Kinesiology ‘muscle monitoring’ your personal blend is identified and then prepared.

Usually your remedy is taken orally, twice a day over a period of approximately two weeks.


After you finish taking your flower essence remedy and as your energy shifts and rebalances you may wish to review your situation and continue on to the next step in your healing with another remedy.

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I look forward to helping you on your journey to health and happiness