Dawn – Sinusitis


I had a long history of sinus and ear problems including wax build up. I required ear syringes every three to four weeks. After 4 courses of antibiotics for a sinus infection with no relief I decided to try Salt Therapy.

Since undergoing a course in Salt Therapy my sinus problem has improved dramatically. After the second session I noticed an improvement in my sinus pain. I have not had my ears syringed for a couple of months and they feel relatively clear.

I enjoy the quiet relaxing hour in the session especially after work.

ChristineChronic sinusitis

I had sinus pain and congestion every day. A CT scan showed every sinus cavity was inflamed/congested. My GP had tried everything for me and he suggested Salt Therapy. My health has improved heaps. Although my sinuses are not perfect, the good days outweigh the bad days and the bad days are nowhere near as bad. I noticed results after about a month or so. Unfortunately I developed a head cold after about 4-5 sessions which delayed my results. I recommend that you buy a salt pipe to use at home. Enjoy your Salt Therapy sessions, they are so peaceful and relaxing.

SoniaDaughter is a mouth breather

“My eldest daughter has been a mouth breather for many years and had nasal problems which have affected both her breathing and quality of sleep.

After one session in the salt rooms she slept soundly and deeply breathing through her nose. For the remainder of the week her sleep quality improved as did her energy levels. She had even contemplated surgery and has now put the follow up appointment with the surgeon on hold for the moment while she is having follow up salt sessions.


I was at my wit’s end! This current episode of sinusitis had been going for well over 12 months. It would settle to some extent, and then flare up again.

But it was more than just sinusitis – the mucosal membranes of my sinuses were chronically swollen and inflamed. And the swelling was externally noticeable too. The upper part of my face, around the eyes and upper nose, had taken on a whole new profile from the internal swelling.

I didn’t want surgery again. I had already had that experience and knew it wasn’t a long term solution. And I didn’t want to spend my life inhaling nasal sprays.

My oxygen intake was also compromised, particularly when the swelling was at its worst. I would have to mouth breathe and I REALLY dislike mouth breathing.

When my sinuses were really bad I had trouble getting to sleep and would wake in the morning feeling as if my nose was filled with cement.

And I had become a ‘sniffer’. I had to be careful at work and in public that I didn’t ‘sniff’ from habit! Most embarrassing when I caught myself doing it!

I attended a Nursing Conference in July 2015 and heard Karen’s presentation on Salt Therapy. I was so excited! And when she demonstrated the salt pipe I absolutely knew that Salt Therapy was for me!

I am 62. I have no medical conditions and I only take natural/plant based supplements. I still work, love to garden and last year I discovered Tai Chi.

So beyond having regular massage therapy for those times when I overdo things in the garden, my only physical ailment has been my recurrent and annoyingly consistent sinus condition.

I noticed a change after my first session. Okay! It was only slight! But even tiny little improvements are noticeable when there is a much larger issue.

I have taken advantage of the Course Packages on offer at the Clinic to reduce my cost per session and this has supported my regular attendance at the Salt Rooms. I also use the Salt Pipe at home and absolutely love it!

The improvement to my sinuses has been steady and consistent. I feel as if I am fully living again. I am able to nose breathe without feeling short of breath, and the ‘sniffing’ is no longer a constant in my life. And I pop off to sleep easily- no more mouth breathing and tossing and turning!

Yet the real ‘magic’ occurred when the external swelling around my upper nose and eye area began to disappear. I feel like I have my own face back again.

Thanks Karen and Salt Therapy

Edward MEmphysema

Currently I am approximately about five weeks into a thirteen week treatment of salt therapy.

Having been diagnosed with emphysema some five years ago I have been subject to acute shortness of breath and subsequent problems caused by same.

My lung capacity has now improved considerably. Tasks like mowing the lawn where it was necessary to take breaks to catch my breath can now be completed without a break and very little discomfort. It is the best I’ve felt in years.

I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment.

Jane GortonCough, Cold, Sinus Congestion

My name is Jane and I have been suffering most of this year with head colds, coughs and sinus congestion. After many doctors’ visits and prescriptions for antibiotics which were doing nothing I finally took the advice of a friend and decided to give Salt Therapy NQ a try.

I must admit I was very skeptical at first but I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. I have just completed my 8th visit. I am no longer waking in the night due to the dreaded coughing, I can breathe clearly through my nose, my eyes have stopped watering and I can honestly say I feel great. Even my Husband has commented on how much fresher I am looking.

I have been so impressed I decided to take my 3 year old Grandson to the children’s room as he also has been suffering most of the year with a runny nose and cough, after just 3 visits he is once again sleeping through the night. The children’s room is great fun for both kids and adults alike.

The hour I spend in the Therapy room is extremely relaxing, as well as my sinus and cold symptoms clearing up and can also see and improvement in my skin, blemishes are clearing up.

I honestly recommend Salt Therapy NQ to anyone wanting to get over that dreaded winter cough that just hangs around. As I said I have been putting up with symptoms since about March this year and now 8 visits later I feel amazing.

Shane Douglas & ChildrenChronic coughs, colds, asthma

I sought treatment for my three children with chronic respiratory issues. Chronic coughs and colds and asthma. Youngest child is a premature baby (25weeks) who had two admissions to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The whole family has benefitted. Reduced the incidence and severity of illnesses.

This therapy is fantastic. I have recommended it to numerous people and will continue to do so.

Stephanie (24)Ear infection

My reason for seeking treatment was an ongoing ear infection which I had for approx 1 year.

I had aching ears and blocked sinuses.

Since undergoing a course of Salt Therapy I am breathing a lot easier and my ears have had relief with less pressure and pain.

At the first session I could feel my sinuses being unblocked.

Salt Therapy is a lovey experience, very relaxing and calming and friendly service all the time.

I had previously tried other prescribed medications which had no effect.

J & S (41 & 17yrs)Chronic cough, Difficulty breathing, Sinus

I credit “Salt Therapy NQ” and Karen for helping me survive through this time.

In December 2013, I started consistently coughing and having problems with my breathing. I started seeing my Doctor, with no avail as to why I was like this. By February 2014, I was given a referral to a specialists but, I had to wait until the end of May 2014 to see them.

With not being able to cope with walking far, eg. Up a set of stairs I could only make it half way and had to rest. Talking was difficult, not having enough breath to get a full sentence out.
I thought, I can’t wait until the end of May, I need help now. So I made my life saving call.

I called Karen and booked in for a few sessions. After seeing some good results, Karen told me about the 13 week program. Each week I felt better, and could walk a bit further and complete a sentence.

My teenage Daughter, started to come to sessions as a relaxation for the stress of Year 12. But, the side benefits were that it was helping her sinus, vocal cords and skin. Not to forget warding off colds. We both have salt pipes and a salt lamp.

I made it to the specialists, and in a subsequent visit in July, I was told I was lucky I never had a severe asthma attack as I would not have survived it. I now have 80% lung capacity.

Carol Shefford (44 yrs)Asthma, Eczema

I initially began coming to Salt Therapy for severe eczema which I have had since being a baby and have tried every treatment known with no great success except from strong medication.

Although it was difficult to see if my eczema improved as I was on medication also, it didn’t get as infected and itch seemed less. The hour of treatment was also great to just let me relax on my own.

I have also asthma which I feel has definitely improved since starting Salt Therapy. I have dropped a dose in my steroid medication and I also use much less ventolin.

I’m currently into my 5th month of 2-3 sessions per week and am very happy with the treatment also the empathy of Karen is great.

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